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Bags - Blankets - Handkerchiefs

Give us your instrument measurements and case model and we will create a unique product just for you!

Carmen Bruna

Our Story

  We are professional seamstresses with more than 30 years of experience  in custom-made clothing, accessories and upholstery.

  At Carmen Bruna we specialize in creating custom handmade products designed to protect instruments from humidity and change in temperature as well as protecting the surface from scratches and imprints. Using the overlock and french seam techniques we ensure that there are no seams shown on the inside, protecting the instrument completely. 

We specialize in:

  • Bags: Silk, silk lining, elastic silk and silk satin

  • Blankets: Silk, velvet and brocade on the front, and silk lining on the reverse

  • Handkerchiefs: Cotton 180 Thread Count 

We work with the best European suppliers to bring you the finest, most original fabrics on the market.

Delivering high quality merchandise for professional musicians.


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