Beautiful combo including our silk charmeuse Cherry Flowers and Butterflies bag featuring delicate butterflies over a silver-grey background and our Pearl Grey Handkerchief made out of 100% cotton 300 thread count.


This unique silk handmade bag offers:

  • A delicate and comfortable fit thanks to the light fabric density of silk
  • High resistance to deformation and great silk insulation properties / warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • French seam, 100% seamless in the inside!
  • Complete protection against loose items in your case


Comes with grey thread and pink ribbon


About our 100% Cotton Handkerchief:


Its measurements: 30cm by 30 cm (11.8 x 11.8 Inch) makes it ideal to be used for either violin or viola. It´s high end design and fabric quality (100% cotton) makes this handkerchief antiallergic, breathable and ideal to absorb sweat without irritating the skin. We use a double cotton layer with seams on the inside, for a 100% seam-free handkerchief surface, minimizing the risk of tearing and making the handkerchief more resistant and durable. Unlike silk or higher cotton thread materials, this 300 thread count cotton handkerchief its not slippery, providing extra grip for the musician.


Available as well in Tropical Sand and Pearl Grey color!


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Bag & Handkerchief Violin - Cherry Flowers and Butterflies - Pearl Grey